Everything You Need to Know About Seven Corners Travel Insurance Coverage

About Seven Corners

Seven Corners is a travel insurance company that provides coverage for travelers during their trips abroad. They offer a wide range of insurance products to suit the needs of different travelers, including trip cancellation insurance, emergency medical insurance, and travel medical insurance.

Types of Coverage

Seven Corners offers a variety of travel insurance coverage options, including:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance
  • Emergency medical and dental coverage
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Evacuation coverage
  • Baggage delay and loss coverage

Benefits of Seven Corners Coverage

Some of the key benefits of choosing Seven Corners for your travel insurance needs include:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance services
  • Direct payment to medical providers
  • Flexible policy options
  • Competitive pricing

How to Purchase Coverage

You can purchase Seven Corners travel insurance online through their website or by calling their customer service team. You will need to provide details about your trip, such as travel dates, destination, and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Claims Process

If you need to file a claim with Seven Corners, you can do so online through their claims portal. You will need to provide documentation to support your claim, such as medical records, receipts for expenses, and any other relevant information.


Overall, Seven Corners offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage for a variety of travelers. Their range of insurance products and benefits make them a great choice for those looking for peace of mind during their trips abroad.


1. Is Seven Corners travel insurance valid worldwide?

Yes, Seven Corners travel insurance coverage is valid worldwide.

2. Can I purchase coverage for a one-way trip?

Yes, Seven Corners offers coverage for one-way trips in addition to round-trip coverage.

3. Are pre-existing medical conditions covered under Seven Corners insurance?

Pre-existing medical conditions may be covered under Seven Corners insurance plans, depending on the specific policy and circumstances. It is advisable to review the policy details or contact customer service for more information.

4. How quickly can I receive assistance in case of an emergency while traveling?

Seven Corners offers 24/7 emergency assistance services, so you can get help quickly in case of an emergency while traveling.

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