Comment Policy

LouHee is a website that values open and respectful communication between its users. As such, we have implemented a comprehensive Comment Policy to ensure that all discussions and debates on our platform are conducted in a manner that is both constructive and civil.

One of the primary considerations we have taken into account when creating our Comment Policy is the requirements of platforms such as Google Adsense and other monetization programs. These programs have specific guidelines that must be followed in order to maintain eligibility for advertising revenue.

To this end, we require that all comments on LouHee meet the following criteria:

  1. Respectful language: We do not tolerate profanity, hate speech, or any other forms of discriminatory language.
  2. Relevant content: Comments must be directly related to the topic at hand and add value to the discussion.
  3. No spam: Comments must not contain links to irrelevant or spammy websites.
  4. Original content: Comments must be original and not copied from other sources.
  5. No personal attacks: We do not allow any form of personal attacks, harassment, or bullying on our platform.
  6. No illegal content: Comments must not contain any illegal content or links to illegal content.
  7. No false information: Comments must be factual and not contain false information.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the removal of comments, suspension of commenting privileges, or even termination of user accounts.

We take these guidelines very seriously, as they not only ensure our eligibility for advertising revenue, but also help create a positive and engaging community for all users. We encourage all users to read and follow our Comment Policy to help maintain the high standards of discourse on our platform.

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